Welcome to the Future apprentice network

Further My Future is a digital network designed to help you discover your career options, build a great profile and give you a platform to promote yourself, be seen and discover great brands.

How we do it

Our network offers you access to three services. Each one is designed to support you at the different stages of your career journey.

So what does each service offer?

1. Discover your options

We'll help you discover the world of apprenticeships and what they can offer. First we learn about your skills, ambitions and interests. Then we match you to apprenticeship industries and roles, so you can discover which options are available to you.

You are free to easily explore and compare your options and find the career pathway that best suits you.

2. Create you profile

Better than a CV, a Further My Future profile is designed to share the best version of you with future employers. Working with our application you'll learn what makes you tick professionally and how to showcase this so that you stand out from the crowd (and stay true to yourself!).

Now you know where you want to be and have a great profile to present yourself to future employers, you're ready to go!

3. Be seen

Now you have a great profile to share with apprentice employers, you're ready to be seen!

Our network gives you a platform on which to be seen and discovered by some great brands (whilst giving you the power to find out more about them too!).

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Future Community

testimonial by Joshua

Employed by American Express

The biggest lesson I learnt was to just be myself. I’m usually so caught up with how I’m perceived by others that what others see ends up being a complete misconception of who I am as a person, and I think that Future really helped me manage this and learn to be myself and voice my opinion without being judged.

testimonial by Sharna

Employed by Ideal

The best thing is the drive and determination the service has to help people like me get where I want to be. Further my Future really broadens your knowledge on apprenticeships and your options.

testimonial by Kieran

Employed by Legal & General

The service didn’t give up on me. It helped me to develop my skills and I learnt to persevere with getting a career I was happy with, even if it meant being as flexible and determined as I could at every step.