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Did you know that 51% of young people choose not to go to university? That’s a lot of potential employees. That’s a lot of potential talent. It’s a wealth of potential skills that could create innovate design analyse craft teach lead That’s a lot of potential in your community that could grow and develop within your organisation. Realise your full potential. That’s what we’re all about. For young people, their schools & colleges and their future employers. We match, develop and connect. It’s simple. It’s better. It’s the future for apprenticeships.

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What we offer employers

We're a digital service that matches, develops and seamlessly connects young people who want high-calibre apprenticeship opportunities with employers who want high-quality apprenticeship candidates.

Employer exploring their brand profile inside the FurthermyFuture application showing various sections representing their company.

Your brand. Our network.

We'll showcase your organisation’s brand to our talent pool and network of schools and colleges across the country who are looking for quality employers. We'll help you create a profile that is specifically designed to engage the young people we're working with and make them better aware of your organisation from an earlier age, helping you to create a diverse emerging talent pipeline in the communities that are relevant to your office locations.

FurthermyFuture application interface providing specific apprenticeship role information.

"Your language. We speak it."

There's a wealth of information out there about all things apprenticeships and employers, but it's not always easy to navigate or understand. To successfully interpret what apprenticeships offer and align this to what you require sometimes requires translation. Our service offers guidance to help your teams better understand how apprenticeships and the apprenticeship levy can work in the context of their working environment.

Employer inspecting a levy spend comparison table in the FurthermyFuture application.

Your levy. Working harder for you.

Ensure your apprenticeship levy fund gives back to your business. Our technology matches the junior roles in your organisation to the nearest equivalent apprenticeship standards. This allows you to compare both routes and determine if there are new ways to unlock your levy funds in a way that practically works for your business.

Employer exploring a candidate profile passing various sections representing the candidate and their skills.

Your vacancies. Better quality candidates.

We connect young people who want high-calibre apprenticeship opportunities with employers who are seeking high-quality apprenticeship candidates. See how our candidate matching and development efforts raises the standard of our talent pool.

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Why it works

Our model is different, not only in the way we source and perfectly match apprentices to their future roles and employers, but also in the way in which we develop the calibre of our candidates by better preparing them for entry to the workplace.

Our network of local schools & colleges means better brand awareness/talent pipeline

Intelligent skills matching means candidates are seeking roles they are truly motivated to secure

Improved job readiness means faster candidate speed to competency

Two-way culture & values matching promotes strength and length of engagement

Direct connections with smaller numbers of higher-quality candidates reduces time and cost of recruitment

Join those changing the Future of apprenticeships

Our candidates have taken the first step on their career ladder with a range of national and international brands.

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