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Did you know that 51% of young people choose not to go to university? That’s a lot of potential employees. That’s a lot of potential talent. It’s a wealth of potential skills that could create innovate design analyse craft teach lead That’s a lot of potential in your community that could grow and develop within your organisation. Realise your full potential. That’s what we’re all about. For young people, their schools & colleges and their future employers. We match, develop and connect. It’s simple. It’s better. It’s the future for apprenticeships.

What we can offer you

What do we offer you as an educator?

We support the 51% of students who choose not to go to university by connecting them to high-quality apprenticeship opportunities with excellent employers.

Candidate exploring their profile in the FurthermyFuture application.

Matching and developing

We match students to their optimal apprenticeship career pathway. Then, designed by a range of experts, students enter our Future Ready Programme, which is crafted to build foundations of empathy, resilience and confident communication. In completing the programme, students develop their professional brand and learn employability skills to ensure they are presenting their best selves to potential employers

Candidate exploring a matched company profile in the Furthermyfuture application.


On successful completion of the Future Ready Programme, those ready to seek an apprenticeship will join our talent pool and be individually connected with the great employers we are working with whose roles are perfectly matched to their skills, interests and abilities.

Employer exploring a matched candidate profile in the Furthermyfuture application.


All students are eligible to join our ambassador community where they can utilise our network of brilliant apprentices and forward thinking employers. Our ambassador community develops apprenticeship thought leaders who speak at schools and events nationally showcasing what brilliant quality apprentices and apprenticeships look and sound like!

Various graphs and stats about completion and satisfaction benchmarking.

Ofsted reporting and tracking

We provide all our schools with an Ofsted ready impact report and the ability to track individual student progression through the programme. The Ofsted report evidences how the Future Ready Programme meets the Gatsby Benchmarks and Enabling Enterprises skills builder.

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Why it works

We know that good career guidance is critical if students are to raise their aspirations and capitalise on the opportunities available to them. So we've designed our service in accordance with the Gatsby Career Benchmarks.

Since launching our service...


of the young people we supported said they had been matched to a role they felt was their ideal job


believed they were matched to an industry they had never previously heard of


felt their confidence in knowing which career path to follow had increased


recorded new learning as a result of completing the Future Ready Programme.

On average the young people we supported rated Further My Future's service as


Join those changing the Future of apprenticeships

testimonial by Colin Harris

Columnist for the Times Educational Supplement (TES)

As a successful headteacher for over 26 years, and with 40 years in education I have seen and hopefully nurtured the belief in young people that we have all got a skill that either needs developing, harnessing or hasn't been discovered yet. Further My Future offers an exceptional programme for those young people, that for whatever reason, don't want to go to University!

testimonial by Beth Hindmarsh

Assistant Head Teacher and Head of School Career Pinner School

A well needed, thorough and engaging programme that is the alternative to UCAS for students considering an apprenticeship. Students are offered tailored advice and information based on their skills
and interests. The programme develops students confidence ensuring they feel ready and prepared for the world of work.

testimonial by Rafi

Level 3 Accounts Assistant

The regular updates from start to finish really helped me to stay on top. If you want to boost your confidence and general employability skills then Further My Future is the place to go.