Why You Need To #StayinTheLoop

By Dayna Spear, February 27, 2019

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well.

As we're getting closer and closer to National Apprenticeship Week, we want to tell you about a mini campaign we've launched across our social media channels this week; before, during and after NAW2019, we want you to #StayinTheLoop of all we're getting up to by signing up to our newsletter.

No, don't worry - we're not going to spam you daily with 'special offers' and irrelevant stuff you don't want to hear about. We only send one a month - a round-up of what we've been getting up to in and around Future HQ, any cool news we want to share and, of course, a couple of our favourite blog posts thrown in for good measure... just in case you missed them and fancy some light yet informative reading!

The point of #StayinTheLoop is that we recognise not everybody is ready to kick-start their career or begin applying to apprenticeships just yet - whether you're still in education, unsure about your path or just don't feel quite ready to #BeSomething, we understand and are here for you. Just because you haven't got a clear goal or vision, that doesn't mean you shouldn't get support or guidance.

So, why not #StayinTheLoop with Further My Future to keep us fresh in your mind? Once you're ready to, then you can decide if you want to sign up to our service or not... after all, this is your life and the ball is in your court.

Keep your eyes out on our three social channels - I've been making some short videos explaining why I think you should sign up to #StayinTheLoop of what we're getting up to, including some juicy and impressive statistics about our service (even if we say so ourselves) such as the fact that 90% of people we matched last year felt they were matched to apprenticeships and industries they'd never even heard of before. How awesome is that?

Oh, and don't forget - we're running a giveaway for a £30 Amazon voucher! To enter, head over to our Twitter channel @furthermyfuture. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is follow us, retweet and tell us what your ideal apprenticeship/job role would be. It's that simple! Good luck to all our entrants.

Speak soon!

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