We Can Help You - #TheChoiceIsYours Part 3

By Dayna Spear, October 10, 2018

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing marvellously.

Today is the day where we wrap up our 3-part campaign, #TheChoiceIsYours. I know, I know, you’re all emotional about it. If you haven’t caught up on Part 1 or Part 2 yet, please do!

Part 3 is all about how we can help you. Further My Future is such a fantastic (not to mention completely free) personalised service and I honestly wish it had been around when I was at college, not knowing what I wanted to do next and trying to find my feet.

Have you heard of our Future Ready Programme? If not, why not? You can improve your interview skills, personal branding, self awareness and more… all for free. What’s not to love? Let me explain.


Do you fully understand what exactly apprenticeships can offer? Even if you don’t think you want an apprenticeship now, you may do after reading this!

What are the benefits?

  • You gain a new qualification at the end of it
  • You gain lots of real-life work experience
  • You work in a field of your choice - #TheChoiceIsYours
  • You earn a salary and have rights like any other employee
  • You avoid the debt and lack of work experience you’d get at university
  • A general head start in a career you love
  • You can gain a degree for free (with a degree-level apprenticeship)

So, as you can see, the advantages of becoming an apprentice are vast, and it’s certainly working well for me. I’m not saying it’s right for absolutely everyone, but there really are hundreds of options out there in a multitude of different industries. If we’ve caught your interest, keep reading below.

The Steps of Future...

The steps of working with us are simple and clear, yet offer so much… all for free.

1 - Hi! Nice to Meet You

We kick-start the whole process by having an online 1-1 with you, where we find out about all your skills, ambitions, interests and passions. Based on everything we’ve learned, we match you to a personality profile and start linking you to industry areas we feel best reflect you.

2 - Future Ready

The guidance doesn’t stop there. Next, we’ll take you through our unique Future Ready Programme, which we’ll chat more about below!

3 - Finding Your Match

After giving you a choice and letting you pinpoint exactly what role you want to focus on, we find vacancies perfectly matched to you and work closely with local employers to create these opportunities.

4 - You’re hired!

We’ll support you through the entire process of landing a brilliant apprenticeship: application, interview, and securing the role. Our training is valuable and professional.

Tell Me About The Future Ready Programme

The Future Ready Programme is designed to prepare you for securing your professional career. Areas we guide you on are:

  • Self-awareness
  • Personal branding
  • Interview skills
  • Confidence

It’s all about YOU, so you can learn more about yourself and discover a pathway that’s just right. All of it is down to your own pace and in your own time - what you give us, we give back. Sound good?

In fact, we’re currently looking for 10 lucky people to test out our brand new and improved programme - not only will you gain valuable life skills, but you’ll also get something really interesting to whack on your CV and make you stand out from the crowd… oh, and a £15 Amazon voucher!

Would you like to get involved with us? If so, all you’ve gotta do is hit that sign-up button below to start your journey to a fantastic new career. Over and out, #TheChoiceIsYours.

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