Sharna's Story

By Dayna Spear, January 16, 2019

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well on this drizzly Wednesday afternoon.

For any of you who have your heart set on becoming an apprentice, are toying with the idea, or if you’ve never even considered them, it’s worth remembering that a lot of deadlines end soon. Like, next month soon. I’m not here to scare you, but if you want to get an impressive application in, it’s worth getting in contact with us and seeing how we can take the pressure away for you.

And, if you’re not sure about apprenticeships and what they could offer you, check out Sharna’s story today. She’s a fantastic apprentice we helped place last year and I feel like her positive outcome in a job she loves is worth telling you guys all about. She’s a great example of an apprentice and I feel her comments may help explain to you guys a bit more about what being an apprentice is and what getting involved with Further My Future is like. Without further ado… let’s get you inspired to get on your route from A to #BeSomething!

Sharna Pre-Future

So, what was Sharna’s sitch before she was involved with us?

‘I was still in college and working part time as a food and beverage assistant at a golf course. It was probably the most stressful year I’ve had as I knew I didn’t want to go to uni, but I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship in IT. However, I knew how hard they were to get, and at one point I thought I was never going to leave the golf course.’

We feel that. We know finding yourself an apprenticeship can be super hard - especially when you’ve not had the guidance or advice you need from your college or school. With the UCAS deadline just past us, you can feel overlooked if you’re one of the only people not applying. That’s who we’re here for - the 50% of young people who choose not to go to university. Where’s the help for them? Well, that’s why we wanted to create Further My Future - to guide our youth into awesome apprenticeships, matched to their personality, skills, interests and more.

Sharna During Future

‘Future broadened my knowledge not just on what they do as a business, but also how apprenticeships in general work. They guided me to what the best fit for me was, based on my aspirations, interests and skills. They really helped me improve my knowledge on apprenticeships by offering 1-2-1 discussions and being there for constant support.’

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Sharna Post-Future

Sharna tells us that the three most valuable things she learnt from us were:

1 - How apprenticeships work and the different options she could take

2 - How to appeal to the company you’re aiming to work for

3 - What different companies can offer you

This is where our Future Ready Programme shows off its brilliant benefits. Not only do we prepare you for the world of work but we help you to learn about what employers look for: professionalism, great interview skills, confidence building and so much more. It’s a free service for young people and it takes 5 minutes to sign up; what are you waiting for?

Future in a nutshell

‘It’s one of the best companies I’ve ever come across. Their attitude and personalities shone through and worked incredibly well together. I was doubting finding an apprenticeship but Future took all my worries away and got me an apprenticeship within a month when I had spent way longer trying to find one by myself. I would recommend them above all else to anyone looking for an apprenticeship - they’re completely professional and welcoming.’

Nawww, right in the feels. It wasn’t going to be a Future blog post without a bit of shameless self-promotion was it?

Really, though - if you’re reading Sharna’s story about how her confidence grew and her situation changed for the better and you’re feeling inspired, today is the day!

Whether you’re not quite ready to gain a brilliant apprenticeship and just want to #StayinTheLoop, or you’re raring to kick-start your career and #BeSomething, sign up below. We can help you!

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