Setting Your Own Goals

By Dayna Spear, September 19, 2018

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

Unfortunately, that dreaded time of the year is upon us where it’s becoming very clear that summer is on it’s way out. I’m still not over it 😒

Anyway, what’s coming next? As we roll into September, lots of new beginnings are kicking off, whether that’s college, university or perhaps an apprenticeship. (If you do happen to be in your first month of college right now, check out last weeks blog post where we discussed how to make the best of your first few weeks!)

No matter what you’re starting this month, every pathway has something in common… it’s new! And, whatever you’re doing, everyone can often relate to similar goals. If you don’t understand what I mean yet, start reading and let’s get stuck in.


Firstly - when it comes to ‘success’, which is such a broad word, keep it personal to you and NEVER compare yourself to other people, as it’s all totally relative. Sure, your best mate might have aced their maths exams and you’ve only just scraped a pass, but you’re much better at other subjects. You get the picture.

Maybe you want a 1st in your first year of uni, maybe you want to smash your targets in your new job role… whatever it is, success is not only important for self-worth but also for confidence and to prove to yourself that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Set yourself personal goals for what you want to achieve this year, whether that’s a good grade, a new qualification or passing your driving test!

Keeping Motivation High

Such a big and important goal is to keep motivated no matter your setbacks! Staying motivated can not only improve your performance and mood but also keep you going even if you don’t want to.

But how can you stay motivated even if things are going wrong? Break down your bigger goals. If you want to land a top apprenticeship, start by making smaller daily/weekly goals to do this. That way, mini targets can keep you on top of everything and make you feel like you’re winning all the way.

And if you lose yourself? It’s okay - tomorrow is another day to get back on it and chase your dreams.

A motivated mindset can also lead to increased productivity (great for any of you starting college or uni) and aligns you to work towards your goals, reminding you why you’re working towards them in the first place… hence why motivation itself should be a goal for anyone!

Pushing Away Negativity

Another goal we should all keep in life is to push away negativity when we can, whether that’s from our own thoughts or other people. The difference you may notice in your life when you cut out any sort of negativity can be colossal, hence leading to a happier and healthier experience. Disclaimer - I ain’t no professional here, just spouting off some wise words to you. Hope that’s alright.

If you find it difficult to block out negativity, give meditation a try - you don’t have to fork out for something fancy as there are loads of cool apps to download, like Headspace. Give it a go, or if that’s not your thing, just have a rant about what’s bothering you. Sharing problems and getting issues off your chest can make a world of difference!

Find What You Love

No matter what route you’ve taken this year or will take next year, make the effort to find your passion. It could make all the difference in your life having a hobby or specific thing you look forward to and get excited about! Joining a society at university, making new friends at college or discovering an interesting new subject which you love… get out there, go for it.

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