Self Care Week - #FindYourPath

By Dayna Spear, November 14, 2018

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well and enjoying our snazzy new website and blog page. What do you think? We hope you love it!

As it’s #SelfCareWeek, we thought we would tap into how you can… that’s right, care for yourself. Duh.

We chatted about Stress Awareness last week, and pointed out how stress can really affect your well being, especially if you’re worried or unsure about your future, the path you want to go down or how to discover a career that you’ll love. Sometimes it’s important to just sit back and take the time to think about you.

I know that being a young person today can be extremely tough - maybe you’re overwhelmed with UCAS pressure at college, or you simply don’t know what pathway to take. Either way, it’s stressful not knowing what you want - and we want to tell you that that’s okay!

It seems like there are endless opportunities and options out there, but if you’re just not informed properly about all of them, it’s daunting. How can you be something you’ve never even heard of, after all?

Self care is all about doing what’s right for you, and, indeed, finding yourself a perfect job that you’ll love is certainly an element self-care! How can you discover a career that’s just right for you, though? Help yourself out to #FindYourPath and involve yourself with Future today.

#FutureTips to discovering a career perfectly suited to you:

  • Brainstorm your current ideas and discuss them with someone who knows you well
  • Write down all the careers/industries you know of that you’re interested in
  • Book an appointment with your school or local careers advisor
  • Chat to people you know in different professions to gauge your interest
  • Do lots of online career quizzes to broaden your knowledge

Sounds like quite a bit of effort, right? Especially if you don’t know where to search for these things!

Well, why don’t you let us take the stress away for you? You can do all of this and plenty more with our free service. By allowing us to work alongside you and taking into account all the things that may be overlooked at school or college, you’re certainly giving yourself a big shot to gain a head-start in the working world!

What exactly do we do? When you sign up with us, we take you through an online 1:1 and chat about everything from your ambitions to your skills, your qualifications to your passions. From this info, we expertly match you to industries and apprenticeship roles we think are ideally suited to you - you may even discover new careers you didn’t know about before! Exciting stuff.

We give you a choice. The point is that we’re not a ‘one size fits all’ funnel - we deal with you uniquely and individually, because that’s how it should be - after all, it’s your future.

This #SelfCareWeek, take the time to think about what it is you want and how you can best #FindYourPath. The world really is your oyster. Okay, enough with the cringe quotes now. Speak next week guys! ✌

#BeSomething 💪

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