Searching For Your Next Step - #TheChoiceIsYours Part 2

By Dayna Spear, October 03, 2018

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

Today’s post is, you guessed it, part 2 of #TheChoiceIsYours campaign. If you didn’t catch part 1 last week, be sure to check it out first!

Following on from part 1, where we discussed feeling ‘left behind’ if all your mates go to uni or bag a new job and you just don’t know what to do next, this week we’re talking about how you can find your next big step.

Are you in limbo at the moment with your next big life step? Are you job-hunting, waiting to apply for university, or just plain unsure about what exactly it is you’re interested in? If so, keep reading - we can help you!

You’re not a minority

Even though sometimes at college it can feel like you’re the only one not going to university, you’re certainly not a minority!

Last year, around 33% of 18-year old college leavers went to university according to UCAS - although it may feel like you’re left behind, you’re certainly not in this alone! Sure, at college, the focus is generally on UCAS, and if you’re not involved in that, you can feel overlooked - it’s undoubtable that there’s a lack of support for those students who choose not to go to university.

We’re here for anyone who wants our help. For people who are unsure what to do, for those who don’t want to go to university, or even uni-goers who have realised it’s just not for them.

Are you keen on a degree but don’t want to go to uni for 3+ years? Seems impossible, right? Well, it’s not! How about a degree apprenticeship?

The Stress of Job Hunting

I for one know how stressful job-hunting can be - I’ve had five different part time jobs in my life during school, college and university, so I must have applied to about 100 in total! Phew😅

It can feel super disheartening when you put your heart and soul into a million job applications and get absolutely nowhere with them - I know the feeling. They’ll request experience, but how can you GET experience if nobody will hire you? GAAAAH!

My top tips for getting into employment? Firstly, relax. Even though it feels like you’ll never get anywhere, I promise you will. Secondly, use ALL the keywords in the job spec and refer back to the job description/requirements as much as possible in your application. It’ll show you’ve really paid attention to what they’re asking for - this will make you stand out. Thirdly, read your answers out loud; ensure they sound conversational, chatty, and make sense. Fingers crossed for you all!

Waiting to apply to university

Maybe you fancied a gap year or wanted to travel the world? You’re not alone - according to Year Out Group, some 230,000 18-25 year olds do this every year! Or, perhaps you just weren’t sure if university is really for you. Whatever reason, waiting around another year to get your UCAS application in can be tiresome, especially if you haven’t got the help from your teachers this time around.

What can you do to make the most of that awkward ‘inbetween’ stage, though? How about volunteering for a good cause, getting yourself into the world of work or spending time reflecting on your chosen field? Augment your skills - if you fancy yourself as a journalist, start up a blog -it’ll look great on your CV! If you see yourself as a CEO of a huge company, try setting up a small business! #TheChoiceIsYours.

Find Your Passion

The most important point of this post, you’re wondering? It’s about searching for your next step, yes, but also about finding exactly what it is that you’re passionate about.

Your future is such a big thing, and it should be totally down to you - after all, #TheChoiceIsYours. Without sounding like a parent, the world really is your oyster, and life is what YOU make it.

Sure, you may not even have the right skills yet to get where you want to be, but there are, quite literally, hundreds of unknown opportunities that lie ahead for you; we can help open your eyes to these 💪

How can you find your passion if you don’t know what it is yet? Sit down and list absolutely everything you like and dislike, what you enjoy doing and what you hate doing day to day. What ignites you? How did your idols get where they are today?

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At Further My Future, we give you a choice - at the end of the day, your next step is not up to your teachers, parents or anyone but yourself. Think about the direction you want to head in. Find what it is that you want out of life and never settle for second best.

Still unsure what you’re doing?

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