#InternationalAskAQuestionDay - Answering Your Questions!

By Dayna Spear, March 14, 2018

Hi everyone! How are we all?

Today is #InternationalAskAQuestionDay, so, what better time to… well, answer those questions asked.

Whether you’re an expert when it comes to apprenticeships or don’t even know what the word means, there are so many popular questions around the topic, some of which I see asked on social media allll the time. I’m going to get stuck in here answering some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding apprenticeships, and please feel free to join in the discussion and ask me even more. I love to chat.

Firstly - let's get this out the way - what is an apprenticeship?!

Apprenticeships are training programmes where you combine work with education. So, you may work 4 days a week in your workplace and attend college 1 day a week. By the end of the programme, you'll have work experience and a nationally recognised qualification and throughout would have been earning a wage. Winning!

What on earth do those levels mean?

Okay - it’s undoubtable that the apprenticeship levels are sliiightly confusing, which is why I devised a helpfully short and sweet blog post about it. Once you read it your confusion will be no more! Read it here.

Why are apprenticeships great?

Okay, so maybe this question isn't asked with these exact words, but a lot of people are unsure about why apprenticeships are actually beneficial. Well, why aren't they? You're gaining valuable work experience with them (something so many young people are lacking), getting networking opportunities, a new qualification to add to your CV and earning a wage. For more in-depth info, read my 10 Reasons To Become An Apprentice post.

Can my apprenticeship lead to bigger and better things?

Of course it can! Lots of people progress from Level 2 apprenticeships into levels 3, 4 and beyond, and you can even still go to university afterwards if you wanted - just with a bucket load of new savviness and experience! If you'd rather not drown in uni debt, you can still get a degree... with an apprenticeship. Basically, they're fab.

Can I get a degree with an apprenticeship?

Like said above, YES you can. How amazing is that? I've compiled a super helpful blog post with all the info you might need to know about degree apprenticeships here.

What age can I start an apprenticeship?

Luckily, apprenticeships are available to anyone between the ages of 16-64, so long as you're not in full-time education at the time of starting. Sometimes, people are worried about jumping into an apprenticeship straight from school, and, in contrast, some people aren't sure about starting an apprenticeship later in life. I wrote up 2 blog post about being too young or too old for apprenticeships - have a read of them!

How much do apprentices earn?

Obviously, this will totally vary from employer to employer. However, the current minimum hourly rate for an apprentice is £3.70 as of April 2018. This may not sound particularly high, but you have to remember that you are not fully qualified at this point and are still technically in training, working towards a qualification.

So, there we have it guys! Some common questions for you answered right there. I hope you found this post helpful.

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