How To Write A Killer CV

By Dayna Spear, March 29, 2018

Hi everyone! Happy fake Friday! It's nearly Easter bank holiday weekend, woop woop. (If you work in retail, I do apologise.)

So, in case you haven’t noticed, this previous week we’ve been running a mini campaign based around CV tips. Because, well, you can never have too many CV tips floating about in your head.

What better way to round off the week than with a blog post of all our best tips, just in case you missed them? Let's go!

1. Make Sure Your Email Address Is Appropriate

Unfortunately, as our colleague Rich stresses, an email address with the word 'babe' in it isn't going to sell you as someone serious. Please, make a new email address!

2. Look At What Your Employer Wants And Needs

When applying for a specific role, really try to understand the job requirements and skills needed. Think about how you can portray these qualities clearly in your CV!

3. Individuality Is Key

Selling yourself as an individual is important. Focus on your experiences and your achievements and apply yourself to the role and requirements.

4. Don't Lie Or Exaggerate!

Of course, I'm not assuming the worst of you lovely lot. But, this is a common error. As tempting as it may seem to blag that 3 years retail experience you've apparently got, or a pass in your GCSE maths, just don't do it. It will only come back and bite ya.

5. Keep It Simple

Visually, keep things clear and simple. The font, format, colours and layout should be basic yet presentable and easy-to-read.

6. Less Is More!

2 pages maximum, please! You don't want to be the CV that makes someone yawn, do you?

What else did our team have to say?

Our founder, Caro, had some golden words of wisdom regarding a killer CV. She says, 'for young people with limited work experience a CV can be disadvantageous as it’s hard to align experiences in school to those in the workplace. My advice would be to look at what an employer really wants and then think about the experiences you’ve had that support those. Think about what an employer would think of you if they looked up your social media profiles before deciding whether or not they’d interview you. Would you present in the way you’d want to be seen?'

There we have it guys - I hope you all enjoyed this post and learnt something about CV writing. Signing off now for Easter weekend and preparing for chocolate consumption...

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