How To Smash Your Apprenticeship Application

By Dayna Spear, January 09, 2019

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well on this fine, crisp Wednesday afternoon.

Did you know that deadlines are looming? The dreaded UCAS deadline is next week, and many apprenticeship applications close in the next month.

Alright, I’m not here to scare you, but… it’s inevitable. You’re probably fed up of hearing the words ‘UCAS’ and ‘deadlines’ so, I have a proposal. Let us deal with it for you.

Did you know that 50% of young people choose not to go to university? We feel like these students may not be given the advice or guidance that they need to further their future and be made aware of all the options available to them, and we want to change this.

Whether you’ve already applied to UCAS but you’re enthusiastic to explore more options (such as a Degree Apprenticeship), have your heart set on becoming an apprentice or just aren’t sure what direction to head in, have a read and consider signing up to our service today. We will help you kick-start your career in the industry best suited to you.

But, for now - check out our advice for smashing your apprenticeship application and standing out from the crowd.

What do employers look for?

  • Individuality

Show off your talents! If you’ve got something that will make you stand out from other applications, shout about it. You may have something personal that really radiates your skills and personality - for example, a blog or a YouTube channel. If you’re going into a creative role, you might have some artwork or photography you’d like to mention. Don’t be shy!

  • Attention

Really show that you have paid attention to the job description and businesses individuality. Refer back to their key words, responsibilities and points as much as possible to reflect your genuine interest in the role.

  • Skills

Make sure you link all your relevant skills and experiences to the job and what it’s asking of you. If it’s in a retail role, make sure you include that you have great communication skills. If it’s for a finance based job, shout about your mathematical skills - you get the picture! The employer needs to know that you’re right for this vacancy.

  • Relevancy

Often with apprenticeships, you’re going to be applying to a role in an industry you may have little to none experience in - that’s the whole point of an apprenticeship, to be trained up in a new field! So, point out the skills, interests and (possible) experience you already have - even if your experience was gained in school or college! Explain how long you’ve been passionate about the subject, what sparked your interest, what keeps you ticking. The employer will appreciate it.

Top Tips: Obviously it completely depends on the format of the individual businesses application process, but there are some simple ways you can ensure your application shines no matter the company.

  • Check over it yourself or have someone proofread your application - catch those pesky grammatical errors before you click send! Unfortunately, poor spelling or punctuation is a common reason for the rejection of applications, so if you’re lacking confidence, get advice from someone who’s a pro!
  • Take your time - you’re not being rushed and there’s no time limit. If you’re unsure how to answer a certain question or how to word something, chill out and think, ask someone for advice or make a quick google search for inspiration.
  • Avoid slang or informal language, and keep everything clear, short and easy to understand.

Applying to apprenticeships can be a stressful thing, especially if it’s all new to you. To give yourself the best chance of succeeding, why not sign up to our free service, or, if you’re not quite ready yet, sign up to our monthly newsletter? We’ll help you smash your application, furthering your chances of success with our confidence-boosting Future Ready Programme and get you prepared for all aspects of the working world. It’s what we do.

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