By Dayna Spear, January 03, 2019

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all feeling fresh and rejuvenated after the Christmas break!

January is here and this means one thing - deadlines are looming. *Screams*😱

Although, don’t be afraid - if you’re at college and the UCAS deadline is fast approaching, or you’re still unsure on what it is you actually want to do, relax and have a read of our blog post today.

Deciding what you want to do after college can be scary - there’s no doubting that. At Further My Future, we believe that students should be told about all their options - not just the one that is UCAS, UCAS, UCAS. I’ve been both an apprentice and a university student, so I feel I’m in a position to discuss both options completely honestly for you guys reading, and give you information that you might not get from school.

What is Further My Future, you’re probably wondering? Let’s get that out the way first. We’re a free service for young people aged 16 to 24 - one that’s designed to guide and support you on your journey to finding the ultimate apprenticeship. We consider your skills, interests and ambitions to match you perfectly to job opportunities. Then, we enrol you on our Future Ready programme to develop the essential skills and confidence to present yourself to possible employers. So, maybe you’re wondering why we do this?

We know that our youth have heaps of potential, but we also know that around 50% of college leavers don’t go on to university. So who’s there for the people who don’t go? The ones who feel like university isn’t for them, can’t afford to go, or perhaps didn’t get the grades they needed. My personal experience with growing up and deciding what I wanted to do had a very limited focus on apprenticeships, and, to be honest, I never really understood fully what they were.

We’re here for those people who want to learn more about the opportunities available to them. Sure, university is right for some, but it’s certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ situation like it’s made out to be. Our service is designed to help you further your future and get you from A to #BeSomething💪

What Exactly is an Apprenticeship?🤔

If you’re not sure what an apprenticeship actually is, then let me explain. An apprenticeship is a system of training where you combine working on the job and online/classroom learning. You'll be employed in a job role, while also studying for a formal qualification; usually one day a week at a college or training centre. Apprenticeships follow the 80:20 rule - 80% at work and 20% off-the-job training.

The reason that a lot of young people favour apprenticeships over traditional jobs or even university is that they combine the best of both worlds - you're still technically in education and working towards new qualifications, but also gaining the real, valuable work experience that you may lack going to university. It’s the perfect way to get your foot in the door in an industry of your choice and develop your skills set on the job whilst building up a killer CV and earning a salary. Boom💪

Like I said earlier, deadlines are approaching, but that does not mean you can’t consider both options. Sure, send in your UCAS application, but if you’ve never considered an apprenticeship before, think again. Despite having fantastic routes into manual roles (such as Mechanics, Carpentry, Electrics etc) apprenticeships are no longer dominated by the trades and they are totally diverse, boasting programmes in Laboratory Science, Engineering, Technology and so much more. Not to sound cliche, but there genuinely is something for everyone👏

Future Ready Programme

The point of this all is that we can help you with our fantastic service, the Future Ready Programme. Let me tell you about it.

Match - We start by learning about your skills, ambitions, interests and everything else in between and then match you to apprenticeship roles we believe are ideal to you.

Once you have identified the role and career pathway that best works for you, it's time to get you ready for the world of work.

Develop - This is where the Future Ready Programme kicks in. With your target apprenticeship in sight, it's now time to get ready for the world of work.

You'll explore your chosen role and develop the skills needed to kickstart your career. You'll learn what makes you tick, how to shout about this to others and stand out from the crowd.

All said and done, you'll be ready to take on your job application and interview with greater confidence and better skills.

We don’t wanna brag, but…

  • 97% of students on the Future Ready Programme said they’d been matched to a role they felt was ideal for them
  • 70% of students on the Future Ready Programme said they’d been matched to an industry they’d never heard of before
  • 86% of students on the Future Ready Programme said their confidence in knowing which career path they wanted to follow had increased.

And that’s just a little bit about why we’re so great. If you find yourself stuck this January with knowing what you want to do, sign up to our service - you’ve got nothing to lose.

As part of our #Guide2Future this month we want to show you in a really simple form what apprenticeships (and Further My Future) can offer you, so keep an eye out on our social media next Thursday for our comparisons of all the different routes you could go down!

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