Debunking The Myths Around Young Employees

By Dayna Spear, May 16, 2018

Hi everyone!

Today we’re talking about a slightly controversial topic - hiring young people. Oh, the dreaded Gen Z!

It’s crazy how many assumptions and pure myths I’ve heard around young employees, to be honest. It’s also crazy how they risk being overlooked in the workplace. So, I’m here today to discuss the presumptions that come with hiring young people, and why I think they’re totally wrong. Let’s get stuck in!

Myth 1: They won’t bring anything to the table!

The idea that hiring young people won’t benefit a business is ludicrous.

If you want fresh ideas, a young voice and a totally new perspective in the workplace, hiring a young person might just be the trick. Often, organisations are looking for a more diverse workforce that can bring a new outlook, so choosing to hire those that may be straight out of school or college could bring a lot to offer.

TOP TIP TO PROVE THE MYTH WRONG: Make sure you voice your opinions during team meetings. Don’t be shy - there’s no such thing as a bad idea, and you’ll be seen to be bringing fresh ideas to the company.

Myth 2: They just want everything handed to them on a plate!

Well, I mean… come on, now.

If someone has spent the time and effort applying to the job, they’re actually impressive enough to interview, and, you know, they’ve thrown themselves into it like a keen bean, chances are they’ll actually WANT to do it. Kapeesh?

You can generally gauge from an interview what someone’s work ethic and stance is like. And, after personally interviewing people from the ages of 17-35+, I can safely say that someone's attitude really does not come down to their age!

TOP TIP TO PROVE THE MYTH WRONG: Always be on time and act professional - show your new employer how seriously you take this opportunity.

Myth 3: Won’t they need hand holding?

At the end of the day, every new employee is going to require some degree of ‘hand-holding’ - a new job can be nerve wracking for anyone, regardless of how old they are! Hand-holding at the beginning of a job to boost someone's confidence can pay off immensely once they find their feet and thrive. Patience is key.

TOP TIP TO PROVE THE MYTH WRONG: Don’t worry - it’s encouraged to ask questions - you're learning every day with a new job, but try to use your initiative as much as possible and prove you have what it takes!

Myth 4: But they will have no experience!

Well, there’s two answers for this. Firstly, everyone needs to start somewhere, give them a chance! If nobody gives young people jobs because they’re lacking experience, they’re always going to struggle with a lack of experience. Be the positive change!

And secondly, just because someone is young, it doesn’t mean they have no experience. Delve into it! People I’ve interviewed recently as young as 17 have actually had tonnes of impressive experience, personally and professionally in the fields they are interested in.

TOP TIP TO PROVE THE MYTH WRONG: If you’re able to, try to get some work experience in your chosen field ahead of starting a new job. And when you start a job always make notes, pay attention and show willingness to learn.

And here’s a fact: Young people can bring new energy to the workplace!

There’s no doubt that a young person will be very excited and enthusiastic about their first ‘proper’ job - I mean, I may or may not have bought an entire new wardrobe to prepare for mine, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, hiring a young person can help liven up the workplace with a brand new face and a new zest to learn. Young people tend to push themselves a lot, as they want to impress and prove their worth.

That seems to round up our post today. What’s your opinion around young employees? Are you a young employee yourself? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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