Celebrity Apprentice Success - Part 2

By Dayna Spear, October 19, 2017

Hi all! I hope you’re doing great.

Today’s blog post is - you guessed it, a second rendition of me telling you about all the famous, successful people that kickstarted their career as an apprentice.

*Although some of these apprentices didn’t continue on the distinct career paths they started off following, it’s unquestionable that their apprenticeships would have allowed them to gain vital experience and workplace skills that, undeniably, would have contributed to their success stories.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson

Now, it may come as a surprise that the Scottish ex-football manager was actually studying as an apprentice once upon a time. Although, his job didn’t have anything to do with sport.

Ferguson was a tool-making apprentice! A friend who worked alongside Ferguson during the apprenticeship said that he was ‘into looking after the rights of the apprentices’ and that he ‘quickly became the self-appointed leader’ of the group.

It is clear that Ferguson acknowledges the importance of the apprenticeship in his career, saying ‘It is only when you had the opportunity to have an apprenticeship that you realise the long term benefits.’

Fast forward, and Ferguson became one of the most iconic football managers of all time, worth an estimated 60 million pounds.

  • Jamie Oliver

More of a well known, notorious celebrity apprentice example is none other than famous chef Jamie Oliver.

His first taste of being a chef came at a young age, helping his parents in the kitchen at the pub they ran.

After gaining a qualification in Home Economics, Oliver began catering apprenticing at various different reputable London restaurants, building up his skills.

20 years later, Jamie Oliver is one of the most well-known chefs around, and has a wide range of books, TV shows and his own chain of restaurants - he even runs his own apprenticeship programme now!

  • John Frieda

You’ll 100% recognise this name from your shampoo bottle; and now, you can put a story to the name!

John Frieda is undoubtedly one of the most famous hair experts in the world. Worth around 150 million pounds, he has certainly made his name one of the biggest in the industry.

Of course, his apprenticeship was in hairdressing, if you hadn’t guessed already. He discovered his passion at a young age, as his Father was also a hairdresser and owned a salon, which Frieda began working in.

Now, Frieda is a celebrity hairstylist, has his own well-known haircare range and a chain of salons around the world. Successful? We think so.

  • Alexander McQueen

You’ll probably notice his name immediately - McQueen is one of the most well-renowned fashion designers… well, ever.

Leaving school with just one qualification, he went to start an apprenticeship at a traditional tailors. During his apprenticeship, it was said that McQueen made a suit for none other than Prince Charles, forming the trademark of his ‘immaculate’ styling.

Now worth 150 million pounds, McQueen went on to win British Designer of the year… not once, not twice, not even three times: 4 times!

So, there we have it. Another set of inspirational stories, successes and talents.

If you’d like to see a part 3 of celebrity apprentices, do let me know and I’ll rustle another one up!

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