8 Skills You Need To Further Your Future

By Dayna Spear, April 11, 2018

Hi everyone - I hope you’re all well.

What skills are important today? It can be confusing knowing what things are important and what we frankly won’t use in everyday life. So, I thought I’d help you out by showing you 8 main skills you need to further your future in pretty much every industry! We believe every young person has the right to #BeSomething and in the process of matching you to your ideal apprenticeship we also work with you to develop your employability skills. Let’s get started.

It’s worth noting that with apprenticeships, these skills are called 'behaviours', and you'll be assessed on these as part of your apprenticeship. Once again… let’s get started.

#1 Communication Skills

Pretty much every job requires good communication skills; verbal or written. This may sound daunting, but it’s something you adapt to and learn very quickly. If you haven’t got the best communication skills yet, try your hand at some voluntary work or get a customer facing summer job!

#2 Digital Skills

Today, most apprenticeships require some level of digital skills. You don’t have to be a tech wizard for most roles, but it does help to have a basic understanding of computers, as most jobs do involve them.

#3 Teamwork

Chances are that your apprenticeship will include some level of teamwork - whether that’s once every few months in a meeting or every single day, it’ll most likely be there! Teamwork is all about collaborative effort; ensuring you get your say but also allowing others inputs.

#4 Independence

It may sound a slight contradiction to the point above, but you need to be able to work solo as well as in a team! There may be days when people are off sick or on holiday and you simply have to get your head down and work alone.

#5 Organisation

There are definitely different ‘levels’ of organisation required for different apprenticeship roles - whether it’s simply making sure you get out of bed on time or managing your workload throughout the day, it’ll be a prominent skill you’ll need. It doesn’t hurt to be that person who makes all the plans and has their life in check!

#6 Initiative

Sometimes in life you’re gonna need to use your own initiative to get things done - there’s not always going to be somebody with you to hold your hand, and showing you can use your initiative to make things work will impress your colleagues.

#7 Motivation

Staying motivated when things aren’t looking up is important - nothing is always going to be ‘perfect’ and you have to deal with what life (or your apprenticeship) may throw at you by staying focused and getting things done.

#8 Calmness

A bit of a random one, but remaining calm when you may be secretly panicking inside is vital. It’s inevitable that sometimes, things just don’t go to plan, and staying calm will be a valuable ‘skill’ to have to keep things under control.

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