5 Things To Think About Before Taking That Job

By Dayna Spear, August 30, 2018

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well.

We're fast approaching September, and we all know that September is the time of new beginnings: new school years, new jobs, new steps.

To help out those of you who might be job-hunting or starting a new apprenticeship soon, I've devised a list of 5 things you should think about before taking that new opportunity! Let's get stuck in...

1 - Remember... it might not be love at first sight!

Let me explain. Obviously, I hope you'd only apply to and accept a job you were totally interested in anyway, but everything takes getting used to, so don't feel dismayed if you're not totally in love with your job from day 1.

Especially if it's your first job, you probably aren't sure what to expect and may just be finding your feet for the first couple of weeks before starting to really, genuinely enjoy it day to day.

2 - Check the contract!

Operations Director Alison Mitchell-Innes from LearnerLab in Brighton points out an important thing most people tend to overlook - their contract! She chats to us 'You shouldn't be afraid to ask questions if there are parts of it you don't understand. Are you feeling good about it? Happy? Excited? A little nervous about the challenge? If you're not feeling any of these things, then maybe you need to ask yourself if this is really the right job for you!'

3 - Are you genuinely interested and committed?

Sit down by yourself and think about whether you're really super interested in this new job. Don't waste your own time, or even the company's time - only go for this if you're really up for the challenge of a new job!

4 - Prepare yourself for the world of full-time!

If this is your first full-time, full-on job or apprenticeship, get yourself ready! For some, it's a shock to the system working Monday-Friday, 9-5... what a way to make a living. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Seriously, though... make sure you're getting enough sleep, fuelling yourself properly and giving yourself plenty of time to prepare and get ready in the mornings. Oh, and don't oversleep on the first day!

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5 - You may be asked to do things you didn't expect!

So, obviously you've read your job role and expectations. You're all happy with that... kapeesh? Fab, let's get workin'. Although, something you really should keep in mind is that you may have to do certain tasks or help other people which weren't in your initial job role... especially if you're in an apprenticeship role where you're learning on the job and developing new skills every day.

So, that rounds up today's post. Were you surprised by any of these things you should consider before taking a job?

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