5 Things To Consider Before Starting an Apprenticeship

By Dayna Spear, January 23, 2019

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

If you’ve applied to an apprenticeship this year, are considering doing one or maybe just curious and interested to find out more, keep reading. Today we’re discussing 5 main points you should consider when starting a new apprenticeship or job. Let’s get started.

1- Brand Values and Culture

It goes without saying that no two brands are the same, and that’s why we really get to know you through our service - to get a real grasp of what you want from your role, your values and behaviours. Matching you to a business just suited to you is what we do.

Do you see yourself getting along with fellow colleagues? Do you want to get involved with team socials, team-building and more? It’s all food for thought.

2- Growth Potential and Opportunities

You want to work for a business that supports and encourages your growth and knowledge. If you didn’t ask during your interview, make sure you find out what opportunities there are for you beyond your daily tasks. If you want to climb up the career ladder, take on a new course or see different aspects of the business, make it known: if you don’t ask, you don’t get in the world of work!

3 - Hours

It’s worth noting that not every apprenticeship is a Monday-Friday, 9-5 role. Sure, if that’s your preference, there are tonnes out there for you. But, it is worth doing your research into which roles may have different hours to what you’re expecting; some may require you to work weekends, or more unsociable hours such as night shifts. Before committing to something, make sure you’re totally comfortable with the requirements of the role.

4 - Company Reputation

Obviously, reputation is super important when it comes to different brands and how they treat their employees and customers. If the company is listed on there, check out websites like RateMyApprenticeship and GlassDoor to see what other apprentices and employees have to say about working there. If not, doing a simple Google search to read Google reviews (or even reviews on their Facebook page) can help you gauge the kind of reputation they have. It’ll take 5 minutes and potentially, could be a make or break for you.

5 - Passion

Are you excited to start? Sure, nerves are completely normal, but if you don’t feel raring to go and enthusiastic to get your teeth into this new opportunity ASAP, it’s probably not for you. If the company's mission, values and goals excite you, go for it and go a bit more.

It’s a lot, but it’s important. So, we have a proposal for you - let us do it all for you.

After agreeing an apprenticeship match together and going through our Future Ready Programme to develop all the confidence, professionalism and employability skills you need, we match you to vacancies we think are perfectly suited to you with brands we love.

At Further My Future, we will only match you to brands and vacancies we think are ideal for you and tailored to your individual needs, including your values, passions and traits. Instead of getting bogged down with it all, sign up to our service today and we’ll help you get from A to #BeSomething.

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