5 Skills To Gain With An Apprenticeship - #You'reHired

By Dayna Spear, October 24, 2018

So you want to get an apprenticeship?

Of course, the word ‘apprenticeship’ these days is a vague one - are you talking about Marketing or Mechanics? Do you mean Journalism or Junior Estate Agency? There are, quite literally, hundreds of options to choose from and we’re spoilt for choice.

Of course, the hard skills needed to be a successful Hair Professional or a Highways Electrician may differ slightly, but with every career path, we all share similar skills and experiences… especially if it’s your first ever job. Keep reading to discover some of the key skills you’ll gain with an apprenticeship - if you want to learn more about some of the opportunities available to you or just want to gain some more exciting info, hit the sign-up button at the bottom of the page!

So, what transferable skills will you gain with an apprenticeship that employers love? You can gain the following with an amazing apprenticeship opportunity:

Chances are that if this apprenticeship is your first job, you may be feeling nervous about it - and that’s totally normal! However, it’s safe to say that with great experiences comes confidence, and things you may have felt unsure about or unable to do upon starting, you’ll soon be smashing on your own.


  • No negativity! Talking down on yourself or beating yourself up for a mistake will do bad, not good. See the positives in everything and take slip-ups as learning curves.
  • Ask as many questions as you need - there’s nothing wrong with it, especially if you don’t fully understand something.
  • Reflect on the things you’ve done well - be proud of your achievements whether big or small!
  • Communication

Whether it’s holding weekly meetings, attending events, making phone calls every day as an Ambulance Support Worker or simply just conversing with your new colleagues, it’s undeniable that with every new apprenticeship opportunity comes communication in many forms.

This can be a daunting thing at first, of course, but like everything, you get used to it quickly and your communication skills will soon develop noticeably! Just remember: you’re not the only one.

  • General Knowledge/Skills

Obviously this one sounds a bit vague, but it’s true - the knowledge you gain and the hard skills you’ll pick up in your chosen field can easily be transferred to other roles and situations.


As an Accounts Assistant, you’ll pick up Mathematics, Problem Solving and Communication skills - these can all be transferred to roles such as Bookkeeping, Credit Control, or a Degree Level Accountancy Professional apprenticeship - you get the gist.

Or, if you become a Cyber Security Technologist apprentice, you’ll pick up I.T and technology skills, that could be transferred to become a Cyber Intrusion Analyst or even a degree-level Cyber Security Technical Professional. The world is your oyster👌

  • Organisation & Planning

Whether you become an apprentice Events Assistant and planning is your new mojo, or you think your role involves no planning or preparing at all… every job does, to some degree!

Getting an apprenticeship and entering the world of full-time work can be a shock to the system for some - sure, you get used to the new routine quickly, but you’ll need to ensure you’re feeling fresh and ready for work on the daily. For sure, you’ll gain organisation skills even if that’s just planning your route to work every day, booking your trains or setting your alarms in the morning to ensure you’re up on time.

  • Teamwork

Most jobs require some level of teamwork to achieve an end goal, and these teamwork skills are valuable for pretty much every career out there. Employers love teamwork skills because they show you’re an adaptable person who can get along well with others and be efficient.

Apprenticeships are amazing for gaining teamwork skills because you’re usually working alongside the wider team - not only this, but you also attend college to work towards your new qualification, and may be asked to complete tasks and projects in groups.

So, there we have it - like the sound of apprenticeships? If you’re keen to kick-start your amazing career and gain all these valuable skills, get in touch below!

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