5 Reasons Girls Should Consider Engineering

By Dayna Spear, February 15, 2018

Today is Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day - a day to encourage females far and wide to consider a career in engineering.

So, today I’m here with Magda, a software developer at Raspberry Pi, to tell all you girls (and boys) out there all about what she does.

As Magda describes, this is a really cool industry to be in, and a really great time to get into it. There are many different career opportunities in the engineering industry, which means whatever your interests are, there will be something for everyone.
I was shocked by how easy it was

Magda is a coder and has been in the industry for almost 5 years now. She began her career after taking a coding class back home in Krakow, thinking it would be a waste of her time. But, she quotes, it was ‘AMAZING’ and she discovered a newfound love for it. “I had no idea about coding or how computers worked,” she explains. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to understand anything but I was shocked by how easy it was.

“After about a year of working at it, I decided it was more than just a hobby and got an internship which led to a job.” Go Magda!

If listening to Magda talk about her job has piqued your interest, check out her 5 reasons for girls to get into engineering (specifically coding):

1. Coding is the future

‘Hundreds of years ago people learned to read and write and they were seen as more ‘skilled’ - I believe coding is the same. Technical skills are the future - everyone should know how to code! We have software absolutely everywhere and are using it every day.’

2. Coding is a fast-growing field

‘There are always going to be jobs in the coding industry, and we should keep up with that. It’s super easy to learn, develop and change jobs, so you can get promotions and climb that career ladder.’

3. Coding is actually really easy

‘It’s not hard, you don’t need any superpowers to gain this knowledge - there’s so many resources and tutorials (especially online) to help you learn. You can then decide whether it’s for you or not!’

4. It’s empowering to break the ‘norm’

I believe that we all grow up with some kind of message that women are better at cleaning or housekeeping and men are better at everything else - it’s not true! I’m trying to prove that girls can be good at whatever they want; we have the same skills and gender is nothing to do with your knowledge.

5. It’s fun and creative

I’m never bored or doing something I don’t like. There are so many different types of projects you can get involved with, so it’s always fun and you get to be really creative every day!

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