10 Things They Don't Teach You In School

By Dayna Spear, August 02, 2018

Hey everyone - I hope you're all well!

Today’s blog post brings you: 10 Things They Don’t Teach You At School!

Of course, we learn at school - that’s what it’s there for. However, it’s not disputable to argue that there are many vital, important things that school simply doesn’t teach our youth. I'm going to discuss 10 things I believe schools should start teaching - let’s get stuck in!

1 - First Aid

I’ve always thought First Aid should be completely obligatory in primary and secondary schools, and, to be honest, I don’t understand why it’s not?! It’s such an important skill to be taught from a young age, and genuinely could save lives if everyone was first-aid trained. Don’t you think?

2- Finance/Budgeting

Let’s be honest, when we’re at school, we might be taught Pythagoras theorem, but not informed about how a credit card works, how to get a debit card or how to create a savings account. These are all lessons that would be useful to teens!

3 - Job Applications

Most teenagers look to get a part-time job at some point, and most teenagers struggle massively with this as they are unsure how to submit a great job application - let alone a killer CV! A lesson in CV building or applying to jobs I am sure would not go amiss.

4 - Confidence Building

Lessons we’re taught in school are mainly based around academic subjects or skills, but what about psychological stuff? I believe confidence building activities, workshops and talks would really improve and relax the environment in a school.

5 - Healthy Eating

At school, the main options in the canteen were chips, pizza or bacon butties. It’s hardly the epitome of health, is it? I think setting a better example by providing healthier food and even lessons in nutrition would be super beneficial and eye-opening to so many students!

6 - Cooking

Moving on from the previous point - why aren’t we taught to cook at school?! It’s such an important life skill to have, and I remember in my first year of uni there were genuinely students aged 18+ who didn’t know how to boil pasta (sorry if you’re one of them, but… c’mon.) Not only would this be worthwhile, but it would also be a more relaxing, enjoyable break from academia.

7 - Survival Skills

Okay, maybe not totally vital where we are in the UK, but you never know what could happen. Sure, kids are taught to memorise facts for an exam, but could they navigate a map? Could they find water in an emergency or perform CPR? At least a few classes a year in this could teach our youth so much!

8 - Communication Skills

Every teenager goes through that ‘awkward’ stage, we know, but why not help them get through it with communication skills building? Not only would it help them through school life, but it would also be really beneficial in later life, too! Just an idea...

9- Politics

I guess it’s something that may be difficult to ‘teach’ as such, because you’d need to be taught in a non-biased way, but I do think school children should at least be informed about the basic principles and history of the main parties as I genuinely didn’t have a clue until recently!

10 - Renting or Buying a Property

Last but not least - why aren’t we taught even the basics about what the process for renting a property is like, or getting a mortgage? It’s a scary something we’re going to have to face one day, so a bit of guidance would be top notch!

So, that rounds up today's post. What do you think about these new ideas for school-teaching? Is there anything else you believe kids should be taught?

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