10 Reasons You Need To Become An Apprentice

By Dayna Spear, February 07, 2018

Hi everyone - I hope you're all feeling fine and dandy.

Today's post will show you 10 reasons why you need to take up an apprenticeship. Yup, you need to. Why? Read to find out!

1. Earn While You Learn

Why are apprenticeships ideal? Well, luckily, they have a happy medium - they give you the chance to earn while you learn. So, whilst getting experience in your industry and getting a new qualification, you’re earning your own wage. Yes, you might wanna splurge this all on pizza and new kicks, but that’s not the point I’m making… promise.

It’s just extra motivation when you’re earning your own money, and this gives you the chance to get a real taste of the working world! The average apprenticeship wage is around £170 per week (which may sound low) but bear in mind as an apprentice you aren’t fully qualified yet! As your experience grows, so shall your salary.

2. No Debt!

Ah, the crippling uni debt everyone moans so fondly about. It’s scary - most graduates leave uni now with around £50k of debt *high pitched scream*. Luckily, with apprenticeships, you will not get into debt. Well, I mean… you might, but by other means.

And, if you still have your heart set on getting a degree - get a degree APPRENTICESHIP rather than going down the traditional university route! See reason number 9 for further mind-blowing info.

3. Real Work Experience

Something a lot of young people can lack, whether a graduate or not, is work experience. It’s all well and good having a bunch of skills and qualifications, but unfortunately, real experience is oh-so important, and it’s often the one thing that employers are hunting for in their candidates.

With an apprenticeship, you’re working on the job, so you’re building up more experience every day. Ka-ching.

4. Networking Opportunities

Another great perk about apprenticeships regarding being ‘on the job’ is that you have plenty of opportunities for networking. Whether that’s simply by creating a LinkedIn account, attending industry events or just conversing with your colleagues, it’s undeniable you’ll meet plenty of new people along the way. After all, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know! (Please don’t take my word for that.)

5. Get Qualifications - CV Strengthening!

A lot of people forget that an apprenticeship isn’t just a normal job. Whilst you’re working, you’re also studying towards gaining a new qualification - this'll make your CV pop! After your apprenticeship, it’s great to actually have something to show for it.

6. A Head-Start Into a Professional Career

Gaining (at least) a year in your field, after your apprenticeship training you’ll be ready to sky-rocket into your new career. And don’t think you’ll be limited after your apprenticeship - you’ll pick up skills and knowledge adaptable to other industries too!

7. Range of Choice

Apprenticeships are no longer dominated by manual trades. Even though there are still tonnes and tonnes of apprenticeships to choose from in more traditional routes, there are now actually hundreds of different roles and standards to choose from - some of which, I guarantee you've never heard of. The variety is impressive to say the least, and there’s certainly something for everyone!

8. Success

Just take a look at our 'Celebrity Success' blog posts to get an understanding of how apprenticeships can lead to such profound accomplishments. Okay, we’re not promising you’re going to become a multi-billionaire, but the achievements of many apprentices show that they really are great... especially because lots of people credit their apprenticeships for their success!

9. You Can Get a Degree… For Free!

Degree with no fees? Yes please. That rhyme was definitely not intentional.

But, yep, I ain’t lying. Most people don’t even know degree apprenticeships exist - Levels 6+, you can gain a degree without going down the traditional university route. It’s a revelation!

10. You’ll Help Beat Uni Expectations!

Let's be real - the pressure for every single young person to go to university is strong, and it’s simply wrong! Wow, I am bloody good at this rhyming malarkey.

No, it’s not for everyone, and our youth should be supplied with the right information about ALL their options, not just one.

By taking up an apprenticeship, you're helping to beat the stigma around them - learn, succeed, and defy expectations!

So, there we have it - 10 reasons you should consider an apprenticeship! Share this post with your friends to boost their knowledge and widen their options! Everyone deserves the means to further their future and #BeSomething. If you're interested in becoming an apprentice, sign up to our free matching service below!

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