10 Apprenticeships You've Never Heard Of | Part 1

By Dayna Spear, March 21, 2018

Hey people - hope you’re all well!

Today’s blog post is, you guessed it, telling you lovely people all about some apprenticeships you’ve probably never heard of. Okay, if you’re super savvy with your apprenticeship-knowledge and totally up to date, there’s a chance you may know what these are.

Although, when I first began work in apprenticeships, I’d never really heard of these roles. So, ‘imma tell you all about them. Let’s go!

1. Able Seafarer

A level 2 apprenticeship, this position will have you working on ships and other vessels, keeping watch and maintaining safety and security. If you're not scared of the sea like me, this would be pretty unusual and interesting. Ahoy! (Let's just ignore I said that.)

2. Sports Turf Operative

A level 2 position, as a Sports Turf Operative you'll learn how to maintain and renovate sports surfaces to make sure that facilities are available for use. Blimey, that was a mouthful.

3. School Business Professional

A Level 4 apprenticeship, a School Business Professional administers and manages the finance, site and support services within the school. Ideal if you like the thought of working in a school environment but not sure about teaching!

4. Lifting Technician

If you fancy a career in construction, how about starting off with this level 2 apprenticeship? You'll learn all about how to operate different cranes to lift and place a variety of loads in the workplace.

5. Creative Venue Technician

A level 3 jobby, the role of a Creative Venue Technician is to provide technical support for the construction, rehearsal, presentation and removal of a live performance, whether that's a panto, a concert or any type of show!

6. Organ Builder

No, don't worry - you wont be asked to build new hearts and lungs. This is one for those who are musically motivated - as a Level 3 Organ Builder, you'll be taught how to design and manufacture the components required in a pipe organ.

7. Papermaker

I mean... it says what it does on the tin. A level 3 position, you'll... you guessed it, make paper! You'll work as a machine operator or an assistant in the overall papermaking process converting raw materials into paper products. Pretty interesting, me thinks.

8. Metrology Technician

What on earth is a Metrology Technician?! A level 3 position, they are taught how to use, design and repair equipment for taking measurements. I'll leave this one for the mathematicians, me thinks...

9. Leisure Duty Manager

Fancy being the boss? What about taking up a level 3 Leisure Duty Manager Apprenticeship? You'll learn typical managerial skills which you can use to manage day-to-day operations of a leisure centre.

10. Live Event Rigger

This level 3 apprenticeship is super hands on - you'll learn how to install the infrastructure for the scenic, lighting, sound and audiovisual elements of a live event. Show time!

So, there we have it. 10 apprenticeships you've *hopefully* never heard of! Were you surprised by any of these? Did any of them take your fancy? If so, let us know! We can help you.

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