About Further my Future

What's Our Why?

We think young people deserve better.

Further My Future believes that, regardless of background or abilities, every young person should have a real chance to be fuelled with ambition and be able to channel it towards a rewarding career.

Further My Future is built on the founding principle that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to realising a young person’s potential.

The 51% of young people who choose not to go to university deserve as much support, guidance and route planning of their career pathway as the 49% of young people who utilise UCAS to support, guide and map their pathway to graduate degrees.

We believe all young people should have access to sufficient career information that they can make an informed choice about when and how to begin the professional journey that will allow them to flourish.


of recent graduates were not working in graduate roles across the UK in 2017. Average graduate debt now stands at £51,000.


of young people feel more focus could be given to apprenticeships as a career route at school.


of young people felt there was a pressure to go to university

We think employers deserve better

Employers told us that they wanted apprenticeships to work in their organisations and their levy optimised and working hard for their business, but just found too many obstacles in their way:

  • finding direct-entry candidates was hard
  • finding diverse candidates was hard
  • finding candidates who were well matched to the job and the organisation was hard
  • finding candidates that were well-equipped to working in a professional enviroment was hard
  • finding a new recruitment process and method was hard

Either assuming all this hard work or losing the levy as a tax didn't seem much of choice to us. We felt in addition to the need to create a different pathway for young people to find employers, there was a need to create a simple pathway for employers to find better future apprentices.

We believe employers deserve better if they're willing to make the investment in emerging talent and reap the long-term gain. Because the long-term gain is significant.

We imagined the sort of service we'd like to work with and when we couldn't find it we built our own. It's simple. It's better. It's the future of apprenticeships.


believe that offering apprenticeships leads to a more motivated and satisfied workforce


of employers say that apprentices have boosted the delivery of their products or services


of those employers who employ apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive